*** Important Notice 重要通告 ***

Please beware of SCAM EMAILS and emails from FAKE EMAIL ADDRESSES.
Please aware of the sender email address, verify the spelling and the domain name.
We have received reports from our suppliers that they have received fake emails from email accounts very similar to our email addresses.
Please pay attention to our email address spelling when you have received our emails. If you have any enquiries. Please feel free to call us for verification. Thank you.

近日, 我們收到廠商查詢有關偽冒本公司的電郵地址的電郵, 該電郵的電郵地址跟本公司一向使用的電郵地址非常相似。請各位留意收到電郵的電郵地址是否完全正確,
包括英文串法跟我們的英文域名是否正確, 以免受騙! 如對電郵有疑問, 歡迎於辦工時間賜電查詢, 謝謝!

Recent News

2020 JANWe become the distributor of Lascar Electronics.
2018 NOVWe become the distributor of Greentech I & C and Temperature Technology.
2017 JULPlaner's CT37stax - Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator and DATAssure™ - Laboratory wireless alarm & monitoring system proudly launched on 03 July 2017.
2017 JULPress Release of Micro-Measurements can be found here.
2017 MAYTSI launched their new line of AirProTM Instruments, please visit www.tsi.com/AirPro/ for details.
2017 MARDue to the web server crashed. Website was recovered from the backup of version year 2007. Content maybe outdated. New version website is under construction.