Recent News

2022 JULWe become the supplier of Mainland support for Hong Kong's anti-epidemic project by China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd.
2020 JANWe become the distributor of Lascar Electronics.
2018 NOVWe become the distributor of Greentech I & C and Temperature Technology.
2017 JULPlaner's CT37stax - Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator and DATAssure™ - Laboratory wireless alarm & monitoring system proudly launched on 03 July 2017.
2017 JULPress Release of Micro-Measurements can be found here.
2017 MAYTSI launched their new line of AirPro™ Instruments, please visit for details.
2017 MARDue to the web server crashed. Website was recovered from the backup of version year 2007. Content maybe outdated. New version website is under construction.